Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Christmas/Winter ornament coming soon!

I think it would be awesome to be in a magazine. Especially the JCS ornament issue. Since I don't see that happening any time soon I decided to make an ornament anyway. It's a freebie and it will be posted on my website soon. http://shipsmanor.com

I have been working hard on new designs. Hopefully I will have 4 more released this year. One is already done, it's being framed and I should have it charted out a couple of days after getting it from the framer. I am having Jill Rensel do the framing. I spent some time a couple of weeks ago picking out the frame and mat colors. I am very excited to see it. The other 3 patterns I want to release are not stitched yet. Well, all three are about half way done. I may release 3 patterns in November and then 2 in December. I don't know. :/


  1. Looking forward to what your working on.

  2. In my early designing days I did a lot of designs for magazines. If you are interested in some pointers for submitting, I can give you some! It is a really neat experience to have your work in magazines and other special publications. I wish you the best of luck!

    CM Designs

  3. Thank you Kttycat. I hope you like them.

    Carolyn, I love your designs. They are really cute. I would love pointers. My email is shipsmanor@gmail.com