Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where are you Christmas?

No snow. It's just not Christmas time without it. I don't ever remember it being December without a foot of snow on the ground. It's been raining. Rain does not go with Christmas. On top of all that...I tore a tendon in my foot and am suppose to be elevating it 24/7. You ever try to stitch while lying down? I don't recommend trying it. If you do, don't drop your needle. It defeats the whole purpose of elevating your foot because you'll spend 15 minutes up on your feet trying to find the needle. Maybe needles should have FOB's.

Where is the snow? Where is the pain relief? Where are you Christmas?

...and where is my needle?


  1. I live in Australia and Christmas is in summer time, we often get 100deg Christmas Day, what I wouldn't give to have one white Christmas :)

  2. Lol poor Erik. I have to agree with a needle fob. I'm always losing mine. I do hope you get some snow soon and your foot feels better! Merry Christmas!

  3. It would be hard to pull a fob through linen though. HAHA.

  4. I agree with you Erik, I want a white Christmas too, my heck we live in Utah, what happen to the Greatest Snow on Earth, LOL. Hope you feel better soon and I would keep a magnet on a string close by in case you drop another needle.