Thursday, May 26, 2011


I love working with Bonsai. Unfortunately, it's an art that takes a lifetime to do properly. I shouldn't really admit to this but, last year I spent the whole summer pruning and taking care of a small tree. It was beautiful. Then winter came, the bonsai was left in the greenhouse, and I forgot to water it. Needless to's a dead bonsai now. Yeah, I really didn't need to share that information with you. You could've just thought I was a master at bonsai but we all make mistakes. What does this have to do with needlework? Needlework is all about smalls. We stitch worlds onto fabric in miniature. Needlework is delicate and time consuming just like working with bonsais. The finished result is beautiful and interesting.

This is my new bonsai. It is a small juniper bush. I spent the day pruning it's roots and branches then covering it's base with moss. Since the container is small you really need something like moss to keep the moisture in. Don't ever let it dry out. A small world needs just as much, if not more, care as a big one. The results are well worth it.

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