Saturday, July 16, 2011


Wow, it's already July 16th!  I've been doing some stitching. Mostly I've been working. I decided to help a friend with his firework stand. I've never worked in one...actually I haven't done very much retail work at all in my life. It has been fun and exhausting and boring at times. Utah has some new firework laws this year. The old laws were: no aerial fireworks at all. No firecrackers. You could light off fireworks about a week before the 4th and a week after. Utah also celebrates the 24th of July. It is our birthday. So, again...a week before and a week after the 24th. This year everyone can light off fireworks for a month and aerial fireworks are legal. It is a HUGE deal for Utah. So, it's been busy at the firework stand. My yard looks bad, I am missing out on blooming flowers and tasty vegetables. I will definitely be releasing some new designs the beginning of next month. I am excited and hope you like them. Enjoy your Summer and I will write about, and post pictures, of my new designs in a week.

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