Friday, January 18, 2013

Grow your blog...

Unfortunately I was too late for the "Grow your blog" thing that was going around. So, my little blog will not grow.  But, I'm very fond of the followers I already have. It's a lovely "garden" already.

If you have no idea what I am talking's ok. Because most of the time I just ramble on anyway. So, without further is Linda, The Pink Lady. She will be headed to the distributors next week. Which could have her in your hands/stash very soon!

Update:  Since I had a request to pretend I was a part of "grow your blog". Honestly, I don't blog much. Never wrote in a diary. But, I did write stories all the time. I wrote many stories for my website 

I love crafting. I am interested in pretty much anything artistic. I've been stitching since I was a child. I also was taught to crochet when I was young. Anything that is hands on is fun to do!  I recently started building a dollhouse. Yes, my business is cross stitch but I always have something non-businessy on the side. So far the dollhouse is fun. The kit I am building from is called Beacon Hill. But, the dollhouse will be called Ship's Manor when I am done. LOL

I am extremely humbled to have been in 3 magazines so far. I was a featured designer in Cross-Stitch & Needlework and have been in Create & Decorate twice. I've also designed something for DMC and will be in something (I can't say yet) later this year. This business is all about secrets!

I love photography and gardening. I built a small greenhouse a couple of years ago. I blogged about it! I also blogged about my fascination with bonsai. Unfortunately, the cold crept up on me too quickly this year and killed my bonsai. I am looking forward to getting another this spring and pruning it...also keeping it alive.

That's about it for now!  If you'd like to see another interesting blog check out Jill Rensels!  She is amazing and I believe her link is here on the right!

Thanks everyone!


  1. Hey Erik you can pretend to be a part of Grow Your Blog and post all about your self so we can get to known you better.
    The Pink Lady is gorgous!
    Happy Stitching

  2. She is one pretty lady! Love the framing idea too. Irene xxx

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