Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dear Diary...I'm a horrible blogger

You know I am.

I've updated my website and all of my designs, minus the magazine/book designs, are on there. It's too bad I can't connect this to the website. It seems like when I am able to say less I say more.

 I see all of these beautiful blogs with amazing pictures all over the place. Like just today...Not Forgotten Farm had an amazing blog, with pictures, about how she was looking forward to fall. Her words painted pictures of cool nights and colorful leaves. How I wish I could entertain you like that.

Perhaps you could imagine behind that clown is a beautiful New England town filled with beautiful leaves and hot mugs of apple cider, baskets filled to the brim with linen and shiny needles just waiting for you to use them? Maybe?

Now, here is another problem with blogging. I am leaving out all of you Summer, Spring and Winter lovers. Maybe you're not looking forward to Autumn. Maybe it is the season you like the least.

Behind this tire afghan, trust me it's there, is snow and warm sunny beaches and the first buds of Spring. Can you feel the cold warm hot air? Taste the Hot Peeps Watermelon Cocoa?

I'm glad I decided to stop by. I still have no idea what to say but at least I feel a little better for not letting you go a whole year without hearing from me. Not sure you feel the same now. You should come say "Hello" on facebook or stop by to check out the new website. New designs have been released since I last talked to you. Like... Happy Halloween! and Gossamer Threads Two.
The first Gossamer Threads was in the magazine Cross Stitch & Needlework. I can't remember what issue and if I were a good blogger I would've had that information handy to let you know.

 I hope you all are well and enjoying the dog days of Summer or the cat days of Winter. I would say I will try to stop by more often but I have a bad memory and writing in a "Diary Blog" feels like a chore. :(  Say "Hello" when you get the chance. I would appreciate a little company...especially since I am deathly afraid of clowns.



  1. Happy Halloween is a very cool design.
    Thanks for taking the time to blog. :)

  2. Don't beat yourself up too badly, Eric. We all have to set our own priorities, and there are so many different social media platforms it's hard to keep up with all of them.

    Have a Happy Fall...along with Winter, Spring and Summer too, LOL!

  3. Thanks everyone. Yes, Happy Happy Fall. Let's hope no one dresses like a clown for Halloween.

  4. Is there anywhere I can buy your designs? I'm in the UK. Thanks

  5. I'll visit as long as you promise not to put more clown pictures! As a child, my parents had me sleep over at a neighbor's when they were out of town. I slept in a room which she devoted entirely to clowns. To say it was unsettling to wake up in a strange place and see clowns is an understatement.

    Jennefer Neely @ Plastic Otter