Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What if?

There was a tragedy yesterday. Lisa Roswell, designer of The Primitive Needle, died. She was swept off a road, in her car, from a flood in Ohio. I didn't know Lisa. I loved her work though. I know that these things happen all the time but it doesn't make it any more comforting. So, I think 'What if?' when these things happen. I can't even imagine how scared she was. I can't even imagine how hurt her family is. What if she got out of the car? Most likely she would've been swept down the river and died. But what if she caught hold of a branch or tree? What if, for some reason, her car didn't start that morning? What if it was my own Mother who was in that car? I know 'what ifs?' don't mean much but by putting ourselves into these situations and pondering over our own lives we see how precious life is. We see how fleeting life is. Don't forget to say 'I love you' to those you care for. Don't forget to give hugs often and remember that kisses are free. We can't go back and change the 'what ifs' so make the best of today.


  1. Very well said Erik. Life is so presious and unpredictable and thats why everyone should try to live life to the fullest and not take any of it for grated. Make sure all the people who mean something to you know how much you care for them.