Monday, February 28, 2011

Good News

Just heard some good news today. I guess some of my patterns attended the TNNA Nashville show. Since I couldn't be there I am very pleased that Hoffman Dist. took some of my work with them.

I am currently working on 3-4 different things. I also contacted a magazine to see if they wanted some of my work. Hopefully I will hear something back soon. I guess if I don't then I don't. LOL. Maybe I am too laid back but I really am not designing for any monetary reason. I've made myself a promise that when designing becomes monotonous and not fun then I will stop. I think if you don't enjoy what your doing then its not worth doing. It's not fair to myself or those who appreciate my art. I certainly wouldn't want to stitch something that I knew the designer hated making.

Maybe I should start my blogs with 'Dear Diary' from now on. haha


  1. I hope you receive the recognition that you deserve. Your designs are fresh... intriguing... it's what this industry desperately needs!
    Keep it up.

    Terri (bronzemom)

  2. Thanks Terri. Good to see you back online again.

  3. You're too funny, Erik! "Dear Diary...." Cracks me up!

  4. haha. "Dear Diary, today I dipped Annie's pig tails into the inkwell. Teacher scolded me and made me clean the chalk board. Annie just smiled. Oh, why oh why am I such a bad boy?"

    hahahaha...I am nuts.