Monday, September 5, 2011

Over-dyed Threads

I love the new Gentle Art colors, especially Otter Creek, and always get excited when they send them to me. First thing that happens is I think too hard about what I can use them in and then forget about designs in progress. Yes, my attention span is pretty loose. DMC recently sent me some of their memory thread and I stared at it for a long time....dazed look on my face. I decided to use some of it for an ornament I am making for The Gift of Stitching magazine. Gentle Art, Crescent Colours and Weeks...the thread is eye candy. Now, Crescent is making rick-rack and other lacy brain is hurting. So, my question to you is this... Do you every buy something, linen or threads, and not know what to do with it? You just buy it because it's pretty (ooh-ahh).

The Gentle Art

Crescent Colours


  1. Always! Whenever I see a great batch of "hand-dyed" I buy it and add it to my stash. As you know, every batch is different, sometimes way too different, especially in dried thyme by GAST. I always keep my eye out for this color because I favor the muted tones rather than the brighter greens I have been seeing lately. Also, GAST has been famous in the past for limited edition threads so I keep my eye out for those, too.

    I am weak when it comes to pretty flavors...they make my heart jump!

  2. LOL. That is great! Yes, I really like the GAST limited edition threads but they are impossible to design with since they edition. lol My favorite color is green and I tend to gravitate towards it. Thyme is a nice color.

  3. Haha ALL the time! I just can't help myself... the pretty colours draw me in. ;) lol